What is Interactive Design?

Interactive Design

Interactive design entails the creation and testing of media that inspires and requires interaction from a user. Interactive design builds upon design principles which create media with one way communication, to create media which is interactive and communicative with a viewer/user. Design for interactive media needs to allow for information to be displayed and expressed in a way that is accessible and easily navigated by its users. The content delivered through interactive design should be able to respond to input and communication from the user, and so the design of such media needs to anticipate user interaction, navigation and input.



Figure 1. Dreamliner Interactive Page. (Qantas, 2016)

The Qantas Dreamliner page is a fully interactive tour through everything related to the aircraft. As shown in the image above, the Qantas Dreamliner page allows users to interact with many different elements relating to the Dreamliner aircraft. Users can explore a full 3D map of the current Dreamliner aircraft, with optional detailed information on different elements, as well as older iterations of the aircraft. Users can navigate through different sections of information including history, company information, detailed breakdown of plane components and more.



Figure 2. Babbel App Screengrabs

Babbel is a language learning app, and offers users many interactive elements to help them in learning new languages. As illustrated above, interactive elements of the app include audio clips played by the user, voice recognition software used to critique user pronunciation, and AI conversations with foreign language bots, marking user replies.


Figure 3. Duolingo App Screengrabs

Duolingo is another language learning app featuring interactive design. As shown above the user can choose from many languages to learn. The user can then engage in tests, categorised vocabulary lessons, revision exercises based on their previous results and more game styled elements, such as spending points earned at the app shop in order to unlock bonus content and themes. The lessons are delivered through repetition exercises, matching exercises, and typed response exercises.


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Figure 1 Qantas (2016) Dreamliner Interactive Page. Retrieved from https://dreamliner.qantas.com/

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