Persona’s and Mood Board’s

In designing an interactive project or app, it is important to consider WHO will be using the app. By creating User Persona’s and Mood Boards the designer can get a sense of who the project will be used by and what kind of features, design and operation it should have.

In the process of designing my own interactive design I have created 2 User Persona’s and a Mood Board to reflect the first Persona’s personality and traits.

User Persona 1 – Dave Smith

Figure 1. User Persona Dave Smith. (Melbourne. 2017)

Dave Smith Persona – Mood Board

mood board 2.jpg
Figure 2. Persona Mood Board. (Melbourne. 2017)

User Persona 2 – Rachel Lane

Figure 3. User Persona Rachel Lane. (Melbourne. 2017)

in addition to creating these User Persona’s and Mood Board, I have also developed a rough concept Mood Board to help in identifying individual elements, and an overall “feeling” I hope to incorporate into the interactive project.

Design Concepts Mood Board

Figure 4. Design Mood Board. (Melbourne. 2017)




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