Week 4 Instructional Design

Week 4

Lecture Notes

Instructional Design

Instructional Design teaches or explains to an audience how to do something, or how something works.

In our daily life we are constantly interacting with instructions (eg, installing printer ink, using a ticket machine, operating home appliances etc)

In approaching instructional design, it is imperative to first explore research and ideas which have already been undertaken in the process of determining effective instructional design.

According to research already completed, it has been noted that instructional designs which include an overload of information in separate sections or “classes” such as diagrams with separated legends and text instructions, are not completely effective.

It has been found that combining elements of the instructional design and limiting the individual elements prove more effective in instructional design. It is also important to consider some basic gestalt design principles such as hierarchy and proximity.

Using photography in instructional design is often considered a bad practise, as photos provide too much visual information and detail to clearly convey instructions in an effective manner. Simple graphics, often with limited palettes are considered better to use in instructional designs, as they can isolate the relevant information and convey instructions more clearly.


Kinds of Interaction include:

  • Instruction – such as pressing buttons or using the computer mouse.
  • Conversation –  back and forth dialogue with the program created
  • Manipulation – drag and drop elements (such as with a computer desktop)
  • Exploration – open ended exploration and play (game like)


When working with interactive media there are challenges and opportunities to weigh up and consider.

Challenges include – limited screen area and limited resolution

Opportunities include – screen based allows introduction of time and layering detail and information.


Featured Image (2017) Moen Parts Diagram. Retrieved from http://shower.onfueleconomy.info/moen-shower-valve-repair/



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